Minor Savings

To improve the habit of savings of Children from their childhood, as the savings at the country is playing the vital role in investment of the country and simultaneously, children would grow up with a financial support for their educations and other achievement.

Special Benefits

      Stability and being a state owned bank
  Highest interest rates.
  Most flexible customer service
  Attractive gift scheme
  Rewards on educational achievements
  A minor savings account holder may be eligible for loan facilities once he/she becomes a major, at the interest rate of 1% lesser than the prevailing rate of the particular product (Conditions apply)
  A special donation will be granted from the bank to the account holder, if the child suffers any illnesses as listed in the product (Conditions apply)



     Children/ minors (below 18 years) are eligible to open an account or operate jointly with a parent/ guardian


Savings Schemes


  • Minor Savings accounts
Muthusina Sarani Challenger
Special children's savings account
with high interest rate and with
attractive gifts.
(for children under 11 years of age.)

“SARANI” is a specially designed
minor savingsaccount to be promoted
among the children in Sunday schools,
schools, and preschool.

Savings deposits for teenagers with
valuable gifts at higher interest rate.
Required Documents

       Minor Savings –( on behalf of minors below 18 years of age).


(“Muthusina” / “Sarani” / “Challenger”)

  Savings Mandate.
  Know Your Customer form. ( KYC form for Father / Mother or Guardian)
  A certified copy of NIC / valid Passport or Driving License of Father Mother of Guardian.
  A certified copy of Certificate of Birth.
  Address verification Document when address is not confirmed from above
    e.g.:- Utility bill (excluding Mobile Bill) or any other acceptable document by bank.
  Withholding Tax Declaration of Parent or guardian(if requested).


Interest Payment

     Interest is calculated on daily basis and will be credited at the end of the month.


Gift Scheme

Following gifts will be allocated to the deposit scheme for the incremental deposit made to the account or increase in the savings balance from the stated amount.

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